Tuesday, November 16, 2010

main aisa(i) kyun hoon!!!

This time i am back after a serious thought process that i was busy with from many days ....
  You must be aware of this song of hrithik...and his awesome performance from LAKSHYA..
this is one f my favourite songs video wise...and few months back it has become lyrics wise too... ;)
 I was just listening to it and suddenly i realised that i could relate to the lyrics so well now ....though i have been listening to this same song for many years now and also i know that i am very different in each and everything from others(my close frnds will be aware of this thing and fed up actually :P) ..
i never felt this way ....
    As soon as the song started i slipped into a deep serious thought questioning myself why am i like this??....and was searching for answers ...though the reason y he questioned himself in the muvi are not suitable for mine (i do have a lakshya :D)..i was saying myself dat d way i am is not dat bad...nothing to regret or worry ....and then countering myself that this is a serious concern as in each and every aspect i differ from the lot ...be it taste,perception,attitude,thinking,understanding,feeling,outlook ...every damn thing ...all the time
(infact ajeeb sa ...aisa bhi lag sakta hai  kya kind of..) ..i know that each person is different and special ..no two are alike and so on ....but this difference of mine is incurring me  losses ...and i have no way to deal with it coz its me and that's d way i am ...
Finally after rigorous search and fight i came to this conclusion ..I MAY NOT B PERFECT BUT I AM ALWAYS ME AND SHOULD BE...as the song ran in the background in repeat for about i don't remember how much time ....when i came back ...the lyrics were xactly  MAIN AISA AISA AISA HI HOON .....and i was like yeah!!!!

I do not know if anyone feels this way ever at any point of their life ...because i feel many a time ...and these days this is so recurring a thought that i remind myself singing this song ..the ending lyrics ....
If no one ever feels then seriously i am unique ...otherwise i shall feel happy that i have company(please do tell me we have got loads to discuss ;):D)

I have realised the best way to remain happy is just not to let the thought creep into your mind though it is a herculean task for me personally as i think tooooooooooooo much....sometimes when i fail.. blogs like this pop up...;)i think i should go for OCCLUMENCY...whatsay??? ;):D

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


heyy ..bak after a long tym!!wanted to share an experience wid u all..
   The other day when classes were cancelled..it was raining continuously (i assume everyone is aware of the recent two days drizzling  which has broken many records of this semi arid region ;) )i was looking through the window of my room.. feeling the sprinkle of rain drops against my face.. listening to the soft track (madhuram madhuram)in the background.. enjoying the pleasant weather like everyone else :)suddenly a short poem naturally came into my mind for the first time ever!!i never thought i could ever form even two rhyming lines(though i wished always)..i was amazed wid myself really...later on i xtended the same as it was tooo short ;)
so here i go ...(i am translating it at the end for my northi frnds :) u hav to bear even if it misses essence a bit :P)

my first short poem :)

classes leni ee vela madhuram!
alupannadi leni ee varsham madhuram!
prakasam leni ee pagalu madhuram!
samayam ela gadchindo telupa leni ee anubhuti madhuram!
vela padu leni ee nidra athi madhuram!
nammasakyanga leni ee kavitha allika athyantha madhuram!
madhuram madhuram ee pata madhurathi madhuram!!

this time of no classes is sweet!
this relentless rain is sweet!
this prevailing darkness during day is sweet!
this sense of losing track of time is sweet!
this untimely sleep is sweeter!
this natural flow of poem is sweetest!
this song madhuram madhuram is sweeter than sweetest!

i hope u enjoyed it!!!:):)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

me and my anonymous companion

Big thank u guyz..:)verry happy and still relishing d warm response i have received for my first...here i'm bak again..dis tym not to make everyone nostalgic rather to have a laugh about an incident dat took place some 3 months bak...
one day in the late afternoon i left d door ajar for some air and was in deep sleep in my room.. unaware of the buzz outside by my neighbours...suddenly i heard chanchal passing by saying something to me but could not remember any being slumbrous..den after abt 2 min or so i felt some ticklish sensation in my hand(finger) which was dangling from the bed in d air...i thought it must b her playing some mischief...slowly opened my eyes and to my horror saw a small monkey happily biting my finger tenderly(actually it didnt have sharp teeth..)!!!:O my blood ran cold..i let out a big squeal and jumped out of my bed hitting my knee on the plank and ran out f my room...my frnds were laughing at my horrified xpression...then i saw dat the hostel was attacked by a bunch of  monkies...wandering all around in the corridors..njoing mess food(some fans atlast :D)..and everyone was frightened..it was still around in my room pondering ;)...i took a minute to get my senses back ..and den i composed myself and got it out f my window and shut everything and settled down..slowly my mind started racing abt wat would happen to me..should i take any vaccine and all?? ...i had never heard about a monkey bite and i was cursing myself for my ignorance..later in d day i learnt dat it may infect rabies and d horrible death that follows..:( i was in a dilemma whether i was actually in some danger or not coz it actually didnt bite me deep to leave a scar or sumthing..my frnds consoled me enough but still i have decided to visit d insti doctor atleast to confirm...and den i was relieved.. :)
 the most funny part is dat my frnds played d same scene again sum days later when i was asleep and i woke up more startled dan d first time xpecting my companion yet again.... :D:D

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

FIRST is d BEST ...

 as people usually say is right to d core..i generally forget lot many things ..but not the first ones and here i'm recollecting some f my first yr's...cherishing dem as i share wid u ...
starting off wid rainy season as of now..
 my first PARICHAY'07(official freshers welcome party)..aah its indeed the most memorable...freshers out f their nests(first tym ever for many) wid many aspirations,dreams in their eyes along wid many apprehensions(seniors;) and campus) seem so different to me wen i luk at d pics now...young,naive(may b not really ;))i wonder how much everyone has evolved in dese 3 yrs...thnx to d exposure,peers,seniors:)i njoyed all d events to d fullest..(be it jack hunts or fillers or skit or mangala mangala :D)it is a nice platform to showcase ur talents shedding ur inhibitions though i was way too terrified dat tym to show any..
 my first DJ on d same day was awesome..all f us just dancing madly forgetting ourselves wid full energy to d rocking tracks.. :)bathed in sweat till exhausted..best till date infact..i always had a longing for DJ which i realised on dat day!!!
tym passed swiftly nd it was dasara vacation..:)
 my first TRAIN JOURNEY back home wid immediate seniors b4 freshers was one f its kind..though i had many prejudices b4,it was not dat difficult;rather fun..watching muvis..chitchatting...a big smile smears my lips wen i remember d tasks i was asked to perform ..counting d things like bogies,fans,bridges..speaking slang..singing..delivering dialogues..guessing their names nd places(my dear mams cheated 4 me ;))
moving on it was jan(i just couldnt handle such cold :()..
 my first TWARAN'08 satisfied my penchant for sports...participated in baddy,tt(which i learnt after coming here..thnx to garima)helping our insti win d title :)and carroms for fun...
tym to come out of cocoon...
 my first DRESS CODE b4 freshers(refer 2 d pic ;)) took us bak to our school days...njoied thoroughly being kids once again irking our seniors more :D(i believe der were many who njoied even more wen justice was done atlast ;))i remember waking up early to help each other wid d plaits ;)
it was peak winters(horrible :()..
 my first AURORA'08 enthusiastic performance ..a grp dance to d famous mauja track was splendid..d practice sessions in peak winters.. having a laugh riot wid our dancing skills(rem choreo guys ;))though all were not gr8 dancers ..we didnt miss d energy and feel f dat song which made it to top chartbusters till date..(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9nnw9QaqlQ)
my first INFOTSAV'08 was a whole new learning xperience....participating in everything nd anything(xcept for b plan nd paper presentn i think):Di shall never get bak d freedom which i utilised thoroughly lest d seniority burden should overshadow it in future..had a gr8 tym wid d fun corner which we have organised and d chocolates fcourse ;)
it was fool's day wen i returned from home(holi :))
 my first APRIL 1ST ever dat i made so many fools strategically;)...thnx to my famous(oops foolish :P) five!!!the whole day went in the process f planning nd execution..in the mor i had no plans wat so ever..but as day progressed for d first tym i felt dat i was innovative :)everytym i teamed wid d oder four of us while making the BAKRA;)starting off wid our cute panda..it was easy just making her roam unnecessarily...den it was caring chanchal who bunked a class enabling us to spin d story!!her face xpression was worth capturing really :P in d evening we went out on a treat...and dis was d most xciting one..for abt 4 hrs cool garima bakra bani :Dshe never again gives me her mobile after dat!!xcellent xecution by panda nd sush really ;)den it was stylish shivi....who got tensed nd went running to AB at 10 pm...thnx to my acting :P finally i double crossed atlast my accomplice sush too xactly midnite..by xploring self messaging :P...dat day is unforgettable really!!i must say dis i hav paid heavy price for having been d mastermind.. dis april 1st(:(()
 tym passed swiftly ...came d end f first yr ...
  my first HOSTEL FAREWELL to d then 5 th yrs(IPG'03) was simply superb ..the party theme(d wishfulness for d style statements nd d elegance wich dey carried still persists )games,fish bowl,rain dance...everything..how can i forget d placement party which dey hosted in CP!!!the hospitality..planning..ambience..hosting..games(unique one on frndship)..and d delicious cuisines..yummy chocolate moose :)..the magic of mauja once more as per their wish..:)
 last but not d least..my first BLOG..dis is verry special..no matter how many more are in line i will never b debutant again ;)
 first is always colorful :)