Tuesday, November 16, 2010

main aisa(i) kyun hoon!!!

This time i am back after a serious thought process that i was busy with from many days ....
  You must be aware of this song of hrithik...and his awesome performance from LAKSHYA..
this is one f my favourite songs video wise...and few months back it has become lyrics wise too... ;)
 I was just listening to it and suddenly i realised that i could relate to the lyrics so well now ....though i have been listening to this same song for many years now and also i know that i am very different in each and everything from others(my close frnds will be aware of this thing and fed up actually :P) ..
i never felt this way ....
    As soon as the song started i slipped into a deep serious thought questioning myself why am i like this??....and was searching for answers ...though the reason y he questioned himself in the muvi are not suitable for mine (i do have a lakshya :D)..i was saying myself dat d way i am is not dat bad...nothing to regret or worry ....and then countering myself that this is a serious concern as in each and every aspect i differ from the lot ...be it taste,perception,attitude,thinking,understanding,feeling,outlook ...every damn thing ...all the time
(infact ajeeb sa ...aisa bhi lag sakta hai  kya kind of..) ..i know that each person is different and special ..no two are alike and so on ....but this difference of mine is incurring me  losses ...and i have no way to deal with it coz its me and that's d way i am ...
Finally after rigorous search and fight i came to this conclusion ..I MAY NOT B PERFECT BUT I AM ALWAYS ME AND SHOULD BE...as the song ran in the background in repeat for about i don't remember how much time ....when i came back ...the lyrics were xactly  MAIN AISA AISA AISA HI HOON .....and i was like yeah!!!!

I do not know if anyone feels this way ever at any point of their life ...because i feel many a time ...and these days this is so recurring a thought that i remind myself singing this song ..the ending lyrics ....
If no one ever feels then seriously i am unique ...otherwise i shall feel happy that i have company(please do tell me we have got loads to discuss ;):D)

I have realised the best way to remain happy is just not to let the thought creep into your mind though it is a herculean task for me personally as i think tooooooooooooo much....sometimes when i fail.. blogs like this pop up...;)i think i should go for OCCLUMENCY...whatsay??? ;):D


  1. Every one is their best one though they are different... !! different anthe... !!

  2. u shld feel proud that u r different..different hai to alag hai..alag hai aur acchi bhi hai...
    thn u will also get very different n the best in future...

  3. @malleswar yaa anthe le
    @chanchal hope so :)